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Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Kojima Book

Today I Got my copy of  A Kojima Book. It was great getting the chance to work with Tarak Chami on this amazing fan project. The aim of the project was to create a physical "thank you" to give back to the creator of the Metal Gear Solid Video game series Hideo Kojima. And wish him luck on his future endeavors after leaving the series and Konami Digital Entertainment.

 I was the first artist to sign on to do this project, in away it was what I always wanted to do. Create something to give back. For me I lacked the funding or the time to do something of this magnitude. That is why I decided to lend my name, work and skills in trying to make this happen for Tarak . After I join the project grew to 75 artists and cosplayers in addition to Metal Gear community groups musicians , Film Directors, actors, friends and colleagues who left well wishes.

It is a testament of Tarak's fortitude to see this project through to the end and ultimately hand the book to Hideo Kojima himself . Tarak did what no one else has ever done. I hope Kojima enjoyed all of our hard work in creating this book and understands what it meant to all of us to give to him.

 I wish I was there to see Tarak preset the book to Kojima and see his reaction.

Check out a full view of the book here.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Can I Be Superman ?

I'm going to share with you a very personal story. A story I have never told anyone from my childhood . a story I have not told anyone even my own parents. It is a story about the discovery of race from a child’s perspective.
Superman was my favorite Superhero as a child. I was introduced to him by the Richard Donner films and Christopher Reeve. He used to be a big part of my life. I had everything Superman related. clothing shoes undies everything. One of my earliest memories of going to my grandmother's house was seeing the Superman photo she kept over her desk and the Superman glasses she used to serve drinks in when I used to visit. We connected through our love of the character. When she passed away, I took the last remaining glasses to remember her by, to remind me of our connection.
One Halloween in the 80’s I really wanted a Superman costume. back in those days costumes were real cheap. They used to be made of plastic that would make you sweat and the masks didn't allow for ease of breathing. Obviously knowing this my Mother was hesitant about getting me one at the time. Eventually she got the costume for me.
In those days my Mom had large mirrored walls in the dining room that stretched all the way up to the ceiling. I remember being so excited to finally put the costume on in front of it . When you are a child you can't help but feel by putting on a costume you would in some way be empowered like your favorite hero. I had asthma as a child. I wanted to be Superman. A guy who went out and saved people from danger, who was impervious to most everything, A man who was strong, Someone who didn't have crippling asthma like me.
I remember putting on the costume and being critical of its construction. It did not have cool red boots, it was less a costume and more a plastic tarp with Superman's suit printed on it. I remember thinking, OK it doesn't have red boots but I have red sneakers. Finally, I put on the mask. I stood there for a long time looking at myself in the mirror. What I saw scared me. Superman with horrifying dark cave like eyes looking back at me. I remember running to my Mother frightened and scared at what I saw an not being able to explain what was the matter. all I could do was cry. What I saw was my skin color and eyes looking through Superman's eyes. The pale white skin color of the mask and the darkness of my skin made Superman look like a ghoulish creature. In that moment I realized I could never be Superman. Superman did not look like me and the mask made it worse. Can you imagine trying to explain something like race when you don't fully understand it ?
As a child the question of race never came up. I went to a school that had children of all colors. Being Hispanic it is normal to have family that looks black, white or any other color. That is our world. I didn't have many friends but my closest friends were white, black and Indian. I never thought of the world in terms of color I thought of the world as just people. People came in different colors just like crayons. Just because a crayon was a different color didn't make it any less a crayon than the others.
I took the costume off, packed it back in the box and had my mother put it away in a closet where it sits to this day. I still find it difficult to look at it.
It is important to see heroes that look like everyone especially for children. It's important seeing people that look like you doing amazing things. weather it be a superhero an athlete an artist, write or a musician. It all counts toward inspiring the new generation to strive for greater possibilities. We live in a world of color and what we create should reflect that.

Monday, April 4, 2016

The Great Eye Debate

This is Brought on by a great conversation I was having on Facebook with Tony Puryear and Steven Harris.Do you believe the round eyed style used in Japanese comics and animation is some how racist? Is Japanese pop culture training their people to think that narrow eyes have a bad connotation and is unconsciously perpetuating a stereotype that larger eyes on characters is some how good.

Personally, I don't think it does. I thing that the choice to use larger eyes is an aesthetic choice to show the innocence of a character. Studies say that humans are pre programmed to feel more sympathy for things with large eyes like children or animals. In essence the design choice plays on that.

what do you think?

Monday, November 30, 2015

Solid Zero : Substance - Available for on Line Order

"Kept you waiting Huh?"

Hey guys, you are now able to purchase Solid Zero: Substance online. It has taken a while to get all the ducks in a row to make this happen but it is finally here just in time for the holidays.

"Solid Zero: Substance." is a limited run tribute Metal Gear art book I have created. The 103 page art book collects all the Metal Gear art I have drawn over the 27 years of being a fan of the series.

The edition I am offering here is slightly different than the original printing I sold at New York Comic con. It has additional artwork not included in the first run and a snazzy spine title.

If you want a preview of the whole book feel free to watch the video above.

The price of the book is $40.00 USD plus an additional $10.00 USD for shipping. Every person who purchases the book gets a custom ink drawing inside. Use the

"Custom Sketch Field" to tell me what you want drawn. text space is limited so keep it short.

for Solid Zero: Substance are
thank you for your Interest 

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Thanks for the good times, Bats!

My final chapter of Batman Beyond 2.0 is finally out and I just wanted to publicly thank the rest of the Batman Beyond 2.0 team for being such an awesome bunch of guys.

Choosing to leave Batman Beyond 2.0 was a very difficult decision. I wish I could have continued on the book indefinitely. However, due to my growing work schedule at Titmouse Animation and my book, Tech Jacket, I was not able to give Batman Beyond the proper attention that I felt it deserved. To me, that would be a disservice to the character and to the team.

Though my role as colorist is a small part of a bigger picture, I do hope that the fans enjoyed what I brought to the comic. Working on the book was possibly the best professional experience I have had at DC Comics to date.

Know that this is not the end of me coloring things Batty related or for DC. The door is still open to small runs and covers etc. Unfortunately, I just cannot commit to a full series at this time.

To Alex, Thony and Kyle: I wish you guys good luck on the chapters to come.

This is for you.


Check checkout the HD version of my animation on my YouTube

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Aid Annette

On August 22, 2013 my mother Annette Lopez was robbed at a courthouse in Queens. The robber snatched her bag and was able to run out of the building without being stopped by security. She had about $900 in her bag to pay her rent and bills. Along with her money, she also lost her cellphone and all of her personal information, such as her Social Security card, her senior citizens metrocard, her medical card, and all of her credit cards.

My mother suffers from a lot of physical ailments including bone marrow cancer. She doesn't make a lot of money being that she is on SSD. This robbery has put a big hole in her pocket. To give her some relief, I’ve decided to create this small donation fund to help her recover her loss. I'm not the type of person to beg and if I had it in my power, I would pay all of her bills off myself. If you can help her out with anything at all it would really be appreciated.

Thank you,
Emilio Lopez

Thank you to you all for donating and reposting this blog entry.
In 24 hours we able to rase 1100 dollers. more than enought to cover my mothers losses.

Monday, October 4, 2010

New York Comic Con Anouncement

Hey gang,
New York Comic Con is almost upon us. I have a table assignment and its all official.
I will be in the Artist Alley in row G table 17 or

for short.

I will have be taking Sketch commissions, selling some prints and new book


On Saturday Join Vince Hernandez Khary Randolph and I at The Aspen Comics panel. We will have new details on our new book Charismagic as well as other projects under the Aspen Comics hood. It should be some fun times and I hear there will be exclusive prize.
The Aspen Comics panel will be in

Room 1A22 at 5-6pm on Saturday the 9th

So if you’re in NYC the weekend of 8th-10th drop by and say Hi :)