Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BAD DOG: Gift Art

Yeah, it's been a wile since I posted something here. This time I have a piece of gift art I did for Joe Kelly.
I met Joe a couple times when the staff of TMNT would have get togethers. Anyway wile at the NYCC I ran in to him at his table I the artists ally. He recognized me from the couple times we met. I always liked Jo's work, ever since his run on Dead Pool and I love I Kill Giants. So I figured I'd pick up his new Book bad dog. To my surprise he gave it to me and personalized it. It was a really fun read, so I figured in my spare time I draw him up a Thank you image.

Here is the first sketch I did in my sketch book . It's really tiny about 4 by 8. It was drawn with a 0.3 led. I actually planned to ink it but I decided because its pretty tight I'd just clean it up.Here is the Final sketch I cleaned up in Corel Painter.

I flat colored it in Photoshop and did the final color in Sai
. Anyway hope you guys like it. And make sure to Check out Bad Dog from Image Comics.

BAD DOG © Joe Kelly & Diego Greco

Monday, February 9, 2009

TMNT: Comic Con Panel

Here is youtube footage of the TMNT Retrospective that we did at the NY Comic con.




I would like to thank the fans of the show for coming in and showing there support and listening to us yammer on about it .