Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Making of Metal gear solid 4

If you have an interest in how The guys at Koji Pro did a lot of the awesome graphics in check out this really cool Making of article. There are some great under the hood shots on how Snake was created as well as the vehicles and machines. There also is some awesome concept art by Yoji Shinkawa. Damn I wish Konami would produce a book of all the concept art for this game.

Making of Metal gear solid 4

E-Mann meets G4: Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary

That's Right, Emilio Lopez, creator of the Gears of war Munny, on G4, setting the gaming world a blaze with his brilliant playing of My Sims Kingdom.LOL. Anyway that's me on the right playing and to my left is my friend Aura. Thanks to my Bud Chris for letting us tag along. It was a really fun event. Happy 20th Nintendo Power!

G4 Nintendo Power 20th Anniversary coverage