Thursday, May 10, 2018

"Finding Your Creative Way Through Difficult Times"

A real great talk by game developer Laralyn McWilliams about "Finding Your Creative Way Through Difficult Times" Lord knows those of us who do create for a living have all felt this. I have definitely seen my share of dark times. At least for me the way I get through these times is the actual work solving creative problems kind of helps me. I tend to dive full into what I am doing. In away it is a mental reprieve, I am not dwelling on the stress of my life outside of the job. Personally, the thing that stands in the way of my creativity is things I cannot control. the fact that my job depends on someone else doing their job. It can be incredibly frustrating and stressful but it is a necessary evil when working for or with someone else. It is a long video but it is a good listen no matter what job you have that involves you having to be creative in some fashion on a day to day basis