Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Kojima Book

Today I Got my copy of  A Kojima Book. It was great getting the chance to work with Tarak Chami on this amazing fan project. The aim of the project was to create a physical "thank you" to give back to the creator of the Metal Gear Solid Video game series Hideo Kojima. And wish him luck on his future endeavors after leaving the series and Konami Digital Entertainment.

 I was the first artist to sign on to do this project, in away it was what I always wanted to do. Create something to give back. For me I lacked the funding or the time to do something of this magnitude. That is why I decided to lend my name, work and skills in trying to make this happen for Tarak . After I join the project grew to 75 artists and cosplayers in addition to Metal Gear community groups musicians , Film Directors, actors, friends and colleagues who left well wishes.

It is a testament of Tarak's fortitude to see this project through to the end and ultimately hand the book to Hideo Kojima himself . Tarak did what no one else has ever done. I hope Kojima enjoyed all of our hard work in creating this book and understands what it meant to all of us to give to him.

 I wish I was there to see Tarak preset the book to Kojima and see his reaction.

Check out a full view of the book here.