Monday, January 28, 2008

TMNT: FF Season 2 DVD Dark Turtle Extras

Here are some extra Characters Done to populate the TMNT FF Season 2 DVD back cover menus and disks. The line are was done by Adrian Barrios Colors by Me. Here's Little known Fact about the dark turtles. Peter Laird was responsible for the final skin color for the dark turtles. Originally they were meant to be the same colors as the Turtles they were cloned from. If you want to check out the Front of the DVD cover check here

Here is the final

TMNT © Mirage Studios, 4 Kids Entertainment and Playmates

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Illustration: Starewell

This price has been a long time coming. I created it so I could get some practice using painter. I took a lot of progress Pictures so I figure I'd eventually Put together a video using them.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Let's Get Chaotic

Well Guys Chaotic is finally out in stores so I figured I'd upload some cards I worked as well as Some shots of the Chaotic ceOsk at Toys R Us in Manhattan. We did a lot of work on this card game and I hope every on at lest checks out the Awesome art work we all produced did For this.

A wide shot Of the Chaotic ceOsk.

For the artwork for standy was a 3 person colloberation. Adrian Barrios Did the original line work for Chaor , Khary Randolph did Maxxor and I digitally painted them.

Here is Iron Pillar which is on the cover of Underworld the starter deck hand book And my personal favorite The Doors To The Deep Mines. The original Line work was done by Keith Conroy

Next we have the Cordac Falls and Plunge Pool Line work also by Keith Conroy

Finally we have Flash Warp. This one was fully illustrated by me.

Chaotic © 4 Kids Entertainment and TC Digital

Friday, January 4, 2008

Movie Bumblebee made from KFC boxes

This is so cool I had to just write about it. A guy In China made Movie Bumblebee Out of KFC Boxes and it's poseable. You gota check it out. heres a like to his blog so you can see the progress shots. If you hadn't seen it you should.