Thursday, November 15, 2007

Say No to St. Mark's Comics

DO NOT GO TO ST. MARK'S COMICS. They are quite possibly the worst comic store in the NYC. The store is cramped, badly laid out and there staff are quit possibly the most paranoid people on the planet. Especially there store manager.

I was there a couple moths back for a sale. From the moment I gave my bag to the bag check clerk, ever member of the staff asked me in secession "Can I help you", even if they saw me declined help by another staff member right in front of them. Not only did was I harassed by the staff. The store manger of the store hovered around me wile I browsed for stuff to buy. And then when I finally needed help trying to find some illustration books. The store manger gives me an attitude. finally the biggest insult was when I caught the manger saying to one of the staff wile looking right at me "We should keep an eye on that guy" Come on number one I was the only one standing there cause the store was relatively empty an they were at lest Four feet way from.

Suffice to say I fond some nice stuff but I will never go back to that comic store. Take my advice If your in the area of 11 St. Mark's Place In NYC don't even bother with St. Mark's Comics. Go up town to Forbidden Planet, Cosmic Comics, Jim Hanley's Universe Midtown Comics or Gotham City Comics.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

HAPPY HALLOWEEN -Red Demon Costume

Hey here's some shots of me in my Halloween costume for this year. Yup I couldest resist I was the Red Domon :P I decided to not do as much foot work to build this costume, Like I did for my DARK MAN costume. I got a really talented coworker by the name of Abraham Lopez (no relation) To build the mask based on the Designs of Muttpop Bill. all I needed to do was find A burgundy suit. which i did and there you go.