Monday, March 2, 2009

Don't Panic SF4 Poster contest

Hey guys,
I am part of a contest on Don't Panic. I was hoping to snag some votes and I would really like your help. You do have to register to vote, I would really appreciate the support.(there is a quick sign up if you scroll down to “New Users can quick register here”.)
I am registered as E-Mann and Have the Guile Image you see above. You can vote one time per day and on multiple pieces. So you can share the love :)

Vote here GUILE

Here are a couple of my buddy's give them some love too

CubeeCraft: Blanka Cubee
skech212: Akuma
Nexxorcist:Crimson Viper
Jamespeay5: Dhalsim

Any votes would be really appreciated. thanks a lot