Monday, November 30, 2015

Solid Zero : Substance - Available for on Line Order

"Kept you waiting Huh?"

Hey guys, you are now able to purchase Solid Zero: Substance online. It has taken a while to get all the ducks in a row to make this happen but it is finally here just in time for the holidays.

"Solid Zero: Substance." is a limited run tribute Metal Gear art book I have created. The 103 page art book collects all the Metal Gear art I have drawn over the 27 years of being a fan of the series.

The edition I am offering here is slightly different than the original printing I sold at New York Comic con. It has additional artwork not included in the first run and a snazzy spine title.

If you want a preview of the whole book feel free to watch the video above.

The price of the book is $40.00 USD plus an additional $10.00 USD for shipping. Every person who purchases the book gets a custom ink drawing inside. Use the

"Custom Sketch Field" to tell me what you want drawn. text space is limited so keep it short.

for Solid Zero: Substance are
thank you for your Interest 


JayB said...

Hey will this ship to Canada?

E-mann said...

yup I ship every were mail is sent :)

Nero Stealth said...

Brazil too?

E-mann said...

Brazil too :)

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Kyle Coleman said...

Would love to pick up a copy. Will there be a resale by any chance?

huffyrox said...

Can't believe missed this. Any way to get it?

Unknown said...

Damn we need a resale of this, massive MGS fan but this artbook seemed to have fallen through the cracks,would love a copy if possible